Wedding Theme for individual weddings

A wedding motto is very popular right now because it offers the opportunity to make the wedding party particularly individual and interesting. Such a wedding can perfectly reflect the hobbies, lifestyle and taste of the newlyweds. So the wedding preparations are once again so much fun and easily find many ideas for decorating, choosing a menu and general celebration design. The wedding motto or selected theme should run like a thread through the whole wedding. You can even ask the guests to dress appropriately and include them in the perfect way in the design of the celebration.

Your most beautiful day in life gets a very special impression with a wedding motto. The selection of the motto runs through the entire celebration – from the table decoration to the invitation cards. You decide on your wedding motto. It can either be a very personal experience or maybe a common hobby. Or would you like to do it traditionally with old wedding customs? Then off to the country!

A wedding with your own wedding motto does not necessarily have to be more expensive than other wedding celebrations, it depends on your imagination. You should definitely set your desired motto in good time, because after that the entire planning is aligned.

Popular ideas for the Wedding Theme

Many couples like the idea of ​​a theme wedding. You get the opportunity to let your imagination run wild and to organize an event that differs significantly from other weddings. Individualism is in demand today and such a wedding offers the best opportunity. If you are still looking for the right wedding theme, you can get inspiration from the following list:

– wedding in the style of the 29s
– fairytale wedding
– disney wedding
– medieval wedding
– peasant wedding
– oriental wedding

The list of possible wedding themes is unlimited and offers the bride and groom the opportunity to live out their own dreams in a perfect way. The guests also enjoy fitting in with the playful ambience.

This is how the theme wedding is designed

Once you have determined the wedding motto, this should guide the entire wedding preparations. This should start with the wedding invitations, which should be designed in the style of the wedding motto. This way, the guests are immediately attuned to the special ambience of the wedding. Of course, the decoration offers special possibilities for realizing the motto, but also when choosing the location you should be guided by the wedding motto. The bridal couple’s clothing and the choice of menu should also be based on the motto.

Make an appointment in time

If you have already selected your wedding theme, you should inform your guests about it. The question now is what to wear on that day. If you know exactly what you want, then the speeches, sketches and small surprises can be worked out much better. A guide can also be of great help in finding fancy gifts for you. During a long organizational phase, you have the opportunity to choose the right details and choose in peace. You should also take care of the flower decoration in time so that everything is put together in time for the church and for the wedding location. Of course, the pastor also needs enough time to prepare his sermon. If you have now completed all tasks on your notepad, you can now look forward to the big day.

Here you will find useful tips regarding wedding planning.

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