Prepare the Wedding Speech for your wedding properly

The wedding speech is traditionally expected by the bride’s father, but they can also give friends or close family members. The right moment and the length of the wedding speech is to be agreed with the bride and groom. If you have something to say, you can do it with the wedding speech. If several people want to give a wedding speech, this should be coordinated well. A good tip would be to speak after the starter and before the first main course, so that the wedding guests already have something in their stomach.

Basic rules for the wedding speech

    – For the final toast, the glass is first picked up.
    – The couple can thank you for the words, but do not have to.
    – ATTENTION: When raising the glass, do not say “cheers”, because it is more reminiscent of a round table meeting. You should toast “on your luck” or “on a nice festival”.
    – Those who want to give a speech should stand up and if possible DO NOT knock on the glass.

Good preparation is half the battle

If you have decided to give a wedding speech, you should prepare well for it. It is best to prepare a raw script six weeks before the wedding. Most people only get the idea the day before or just before the wedding, and then panic and look for help. An exception are talents who can speak freely like a moderator.

Wedding speech – what everything should be included – tips and tricks for this important event

First, you should think about what you want to include in the speech. It should be lively, entertaining and emotional. It is of great help to write down a few notes – preferably in key words and in the appropriate order – on a piece of paper so as not to lose the thread. A mere reading from the slip of paper appears impersonal and loveless, but it is permitted as a mere support.

The following things should be considered for a successful wedding speech:

– What and who is the wedding speech about?
– What is really important?
– Who do I want to thank?
– Should I include funny anecdotes that make my wedding speech uninviting and easy?
– Do the wedding guests have something in common?
– Are there some things that very few people know about the newlyweds?
– The wedding speech must be divided into introduction, main part and conclusion.
– Create a keyword label
– Think about quotes
– Leave out buzzwords and hollow phrases
– Clarify the duration of the speech
– Check your own facial expressions and gestures
– Practice loud, clear speaking!
– Should a personal story about the bride and groom be woven into the wedding speech?

The whole speech should be noted down once. You should combine emotional and funny phrases. Because it shouldn’t be boring. In addition, foreign words that not everyone knows should be avoided.

Practice, practice and practice again

The wedding speech should be read out loud several times at the beginning and paid attention to the correct emphasis in order to gain security. You quickly find out what sounds unnatural. You should also stand in front of the mirror and observe your own facial expressions and gestures. This is the only way to gain security and get the feeling that you are actually saying something. The bride and groom and the wedding guests will thank you for this and will always remember the day!

The most important components of a successful wedding speech in detail

Good wedding speeches are best divided into four parts: greeting, introduction, main part and conclusion.

1) Greeting

Here it is sufficient to address the bride and groom with a short salutation (Dear Susan, dear Sam/ Dear bride, dear groom, etc.) and all guests in one (Dear guests / Dear wedding guests).

2) Introduction

With the introduction, you lay the foundation for whether or not you like to hear your speech. In the introduction to the example you can say a suitable wedding quote from a celebrity, from a film, or from a book. But there is also the possibility to include a little joke in the introduction, provided you know the humor of the newlyweds. An anecdote from the life of the bride and groom is also a possible introduction to the wedding speech.

3) Main Part

The main part should now lead accordingly and should build on the introduction if possible. You can e.g. express your own thoughts about marriage or love. However, one should not forget to speak to the bride again and again in person in order to create the most personal connection possible.

If you want to make the main part as personal as possible, it makes sense to talk about the relationship of the bride and groom, about your own relationship with the two, about the past of the bride and groom, their common peculiarities, certain hobbies, etc. Of course, the stories should Don’t be too embarrassed, romantic, exciting or touching stories are well suited. Of course you can also tell funny stories as long as the stories are not too embarrassing, as I said.

4) Conclusion

At the end you can summarize the explanations in a short summary or e.g. good wishes for the future of the newlyweds. The good wishes for the newlyweds can then e.g. well connected to toast the bride and groom with all guests.

What you should definitely avoid and shouldn’t do !: “I don’t have more to say” or Hui, luckily I got through now ”

Wedding Speech Pattern – These books will lead you to success

At the wedding, some people are expected to give a wedding speech. This includes the best man, as well as the father of the bride or groom. But one or the other close friend can also say a few words to the bride and groom on this special day, expressing appreciation and congratulations. Of course, not everyone is happy to give such a speech to the assembled wedding party. But good preparation can make up for experience and give an excellent wedding speech.

Inspiration for a wedding speech

On the Internet you have the opportunity to read sample speeches for the wedding or watch it as a video. This gives you an impression of how such a speech is composed and how it can be delivered. Of course, you shouldn’t copy the wording of another speech if possible, since you want to refer to the specific bride and groom. Therefore, it makes sense to include the following elements in the speech:

– concrete stories from the life of the newlyweds
– shared experiences
– plans for the future

If you create a personal connection, it is easy to get the listener’s attention. One or the other funny event can be quietly woven in with which one can conjure a smile on the faces of those present.

Note: In our shop you will find a lot of books about wedding speech. It is best to order one of these books 1-2 months before the wedding and then prepare your wedding speech accordingly.

Make speech successful

Basically, you can assume that a wedding speech will be as successful as the preparatory work that you have invested. You should know exactly what you want to talk about and if possible also have the more precise wording in your head. This is how you deliver a fluent and meaningful speech that is well received by the audience.

Speech to the wedding

The speech about the wedding should not be missing at a wedding. Above all, the bride and groom must give a wedding speech without any ifs and buts. In addition, the bridegroom and a groomsman should also say a few words. A wedding speech should be individual. Under no circumstances use quotes or verses in your speech – rhetorical questions are allowed. It should be about two to five minutes long. We then put together a few suggestions for you. They are just suggestions and should inspire you. A natural speech is always well received by the audience.

Who is giving the wedding speech?

Both the bride and groom or the bride and groom should give a wedding speech. Friends of the bride and groom and the bride’s mother are not excluded. However, it is often the case that the bride and groom want a speech from a specific person. Of course, the wedding speech is often given by the bride and groom themselves. However, if you want to hear several speeches, it should be well organized and discussed.

Tips for a great wedding speech

A wedding speech is only nice if it really comes from the heart. A good speech for the wedding should never be copied from someone and be repeated. The speech for the wedding has the purpose of telling the guests something personal about the bride and groom as well as giving them their best wishes on their way to togetherness. Due to the personal details, you should not give the speech too long so that the bride and groom and the wedding guests are not bored.

At the beginning of the speech, the bride and groom and the guests should be greeted. Then you can, for example, bring in personal details such as getting to know the bride and groom. The topics such as love, happiness and marriage cannot be missing. Famous quotes can also be included. At the end of the wedding speech, the congratulations are addressed to the newlyweds.

Not everyone is open and creative, and so some have to struggle with stage fright. It can also take some time for the speech to be perfect and well worded. The speech should therefore be planned a few weeks before the wedding. It is very important not to put yourself under any pressure.

Just no stage fright

Everyone has had stage fright before. Above all, you don’t want to go wrong with a wedding speech. No wonder you’re a little excited. Therefore, the speech for the wedding should be well prepared. Practice in advance and practice in front of acquaintances and relatives.

The order of address should be strictly followed. At the beginning the brewing couple is greeted. Then you turn to family and friends. In the event that the pastor is present, this should also be considered in the speech. It is best to memorize the speech in order to avoid using keyword cards. You should give the speech clearly and slowly so that everyone understands it and can follow it well. The right time for the wedding speech should definitely be clarified in advance with the bride and groom.

That a few tears can come to you during the lecture is not so bad, because it makes the speech even more personal and intense.

How to give an entertaining wedding speech

The wedding speech should never be one thing – boring and long. It would be ideal if it was kept short and relaxed. It is not exactly easy to combine all properties together. This is exactly why it is good to include a few loose passages in addition to the congratulations.

Quotes in the form of witty anectodes give the speech that certain something. There is enough information on the Internet about wedding. Of course, numerous anectodes, sayings, jokes, etc. can also be found in books. Just browse through the series a bit.

Wedding speeches in which the bride and groom are directly involved are particularly well received by the wedding party.

Some jokes can be found on the Internet and books, which you can of course also include in your speech. An example would be, for example: “Men are like computers. If the bride had waited a little longer, she would have gotten a better one. ”

Jokes that you can incorporate into your speech spontaneously or prepared are very funny.

Phrases, spontaneous ideas and short-term interjections give you the opportunity to get in touch and communicate directly with the bride and groom. After all, it is a wedding speech – a festival that is associated with a lot of joy and joy. A good mood is required here. Therefore one should avoid reading the speech from a sheet.

The speaker can only really score positively with the newlyweds if they smile and keep eye contact with the newlyweds. Charm and looseness come to the fore here. This is the only way for the speaker to be relaxed

The sequence of speakers during the wedding

It is the job of the bride’s father to deliver the first speech to the couple and to greet the wedding guests. Then the groom has his say, later the groomsmen. If the groom’s father also wants to give a speech, it is best to do so right after the bride’s father. A good time for the first wedding speech is after the starter or before the meal begins. The other speeches then take place between the other courses. The acceptance speech is traditionally given by the groom, but nowadays the bride and groom also speak alternately, so if you are organizing a wedding, be sure to speak to all guests who are likely to give a speech. Determine the order of the speakers and how long each speech should be. Ideally, you should appoint a moderator who announces the respective speakers and guides you through the evening. This also ensures a relaxed mood and that the schedule is kept. It also makes it easier for the speakers to get started.

How long can a wedding speech last?

Since the wedding speeches take place between courses, they should not last longer than 5 minutes. The speech should also not be kept too short.

Tip: It is advantageous to create a list of speakers. This is usually done by the witnesses. This allows the sequence of the speeches to be determined and the content of the speeches can also be coordinated.

No food is served during a speech, service personnel should know about it. However, the glasses of the guests should be refilled in good time to cheer up.

The preparation of the wedding speech

It takes time for a successful wedding speech. Once you know that you will be giving a wedding speech, you should start collecting ideas for the content. Only when you know what you want to talk about, do you write a text for it.

Getting started is the be-all and end-all of a successful wedding speech. Bride and groom must appear in the speech equally. The bride’s father may of course mention his daughter a little more, but should not ignore his son-in-law. Practice speaking in time, preferably in front of an audience. Pay attention to the time – it is not easy to correctly estimate the length of a speech. People often speak to the audience a little faster than usual.

The outline of the speech at the wedding

A successful wedding speech consists of four parts:

1) Greeting the guests: The greeting forms the opening of your speech. Address the most important people by name

2) Introduction: A narrow transition to the core, the actual topic of the speech. A quote or a short poem is a good introduction.

3) Main part: Here the most important things come up. Don’t be too extravagant if you don’t want to tire your listeners.

4) The conclusion: A humorous final sentence completes the speech.

The content of a wedding speech

You should have given plenty of thought to the bulk of your speech beforehand. The content should never be too lengthy and can be loosened up by funny anecdotes. Possible topics for the main part of your speech could be:

– How did the couple get to know each other?
– When did you fall in love with each other?
– How was the marriage proposal made?
– Are there anecdotes from the couple’s childhood or special experiences?

The audience will be delighted if you include the relationship you have with the bride and groom in your speech. For example, as a best man, you can chat a little out of the sewing box, just don’t overdo it. Confront the audience with a provocative thesis and smile at them.