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  • August 27, 2019

The best wedding dates for 2020 and 2021

When choosing the wedding date, it is important to first think of personal preferences. For example, birthdays, holidays and other appointments can be included in the planning.

Many couples also opt for a day with a particularly harmonious combination of numbers or choose a date that is relevant to the couple, such as the day they met. For this you should make a note of all appointments that are important for the couple. In this way you can possibly set the perfect wedding date.

When the appointment is scheduled, you should allow enough time to organize the wedding. At a big party you expect an average of one year. However, smaller weddings can also be organized faster.

Gladly wedding dates are chosen in the summer. You can usually expect good weather and part of the activities can take place outdoors. Also, the holiday season is on, which makes the journey easier for guests from abroad. But one must also expect that some guests can not come because they are away. Also, location and suppliers in the summer season usually more expensive, as many couples want to marry in this time. The prices can also rise to harmonious dates or, for example, on Valentine’s Day.

Who wants to save costs, can also think of a winter wedding. Locations and suppliers are less crowded and even in the cold season a wedding can be arranged in a very romantic way.

Also weekdays are often cheaper, especially for the civil ceremony. However, it should be kept in mind that many guests are probably not free on a weekday. That’s why weekday weddings are also better for small weddings. At a big party you should give preference to the weekend.

If you are looking for meaningful, harmonic data, the following dates are for 2020:

Saturday, 01.02.2020
Sunday, 02.02.20
Thursday, 20.02.2020
Saturday, 22.02.2020
Saturday, 20.03.2020
Saturday, 04.04.2020
Sunday, 20.09.2020
Saturday, 10.10.2020
Tuesday, 20.10.2020
Saturday, 12.12.2020
Sunday, 20.12.2020

For the year 2021 you can choose one of the following dates:

Saturday, 02.01.2021
Saturday, 20.02. 2021
Saturday, 20.03. 2021
Sunday, 21.03. 2021
Sunday, 21.03. 2021
Sunday, 20.06. 2021
Saturday, 21.08. 2021
Saturday, 20.11. 2021
Sunday, 21.11. 2021
Saturday, 12.12. 2021

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