Step 4 – The wedding stationery – A project that needs to be planned

At a wedding, you will need a whole range of stationery, which you must plan in advance. Save-the-date cards, invitations, place cards, menus and church books are just some of the things you need to think about. Wedding stationery is a small department within your wedding preparations that you need to start working on too early.


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Choosing the right style

The style of your wedding stationery should match your wedding. The colors of the wedding should also be reflected on everything printed that you need for the wedding. If you choose a small slogan as a motto for your wedding, this should also be on all your printed materials. Once you have booked the location for the appropriate date and the final guest list is in place, it is time to implement the concept.

First of all the Save-the-Date cards are needed. You should send them out about three weeks before the wedding. Especially if you are getting married during the holiday season or Christmas time, these cards are very useful so that guests can plan for the long term. About six weeks before the wedding, the actual invitations will follow, on which you should ask for a reply.

It looks particularly elegant if the stationery you want to use at the party follows the same style of invitations. The individual items, from the save-the-date card to the Thank You card, will be a common theme throughout the wedding. At the party itself, you will use place cards that indicate the guests’ places at the tables. When a menu is served, it is also customary to place a menu card on each seat. Many couples also decide to have a printed program for the wedding day, which is presented to the guests upon arrival. In this way, no one will miss an important event at the celebration.

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