Step 1 – The best location for your wedding

The choice of wedding location is a very personal matter and should be carefully considered. In the first step it is worth considering how you would like your wedding to be. Classic and elegant, or rather alternative and unusual. In any case, the location should match the dream ideas. So, if you first decide on the type of wedding you want to celebrate, the choice of location can already be limited considerably, which makes the process clearer. For example, a castle is suitable for a classical wedding, while a beach or a park can be a wonderful background for an alternative style celebration.

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What capacity must the location have?

When choosing the location, it is of course also important to ensure that there is room for all guests. This means that before you decide on a location, the guest list has to be drawn up, which of course has to match the budget.

The size of the location should be matched as well as possible to the number of guests, because a crowded restaurant is just as bad for the atmosphere as one that is half empty. For a small company it is usually easy to find a suitable location. For a large company with several hundred guests, this can be more difficult. If you are planning a large wedding, you should start looking for the location in good time. The best offers are often fully booked long in advance.

When it comes to the location, you should also immediately check whether various activities are possible that you might be planning for your wedding. For example, if there is a dance floor, there is also room for a live band and where the buffet can be set up. If children are also expected at the wedding, there should also be a place where they can play.

Control costs

When choosing your wedding location, the price also plays a role. The first step in the wedding preparations should always be to set up a budget, which you must also stick to. One item is of course the location. Therefore, you should also ask the various locations you have chosen for the price before you set off on a tour.

You should not shortlist such offers, which are considerably above your budget. The price also depends on what is included in the offer. If chairs, tables, table linen, crockery and glasses are included, you do not need to rent these items elsewhere and a higher price for the location may be justified.

Some locations also offer food. You should also carefully coordinate these costs with your budget and compare them with other offers. If you would like to purchase the food from the location, you should definitely arrange a trial meal before making a final decision.

Get more information about the location

The more you can find out about the location, the less likely it is that last-minute problems will arise. Therefore you should also know the house rules of the location. For example, how long are you allowed to party in the evening and is there a certain closing time. It is also important to know if there are parking spaces for guests and if there are hotel rooms nearby for guests arriving from out of town. You should also consider whether it is easy for your guests to reach the location. If the address is far away, it may be necessary to arrange a bus for the guests.

Choosing the location is a complex matter that should be analysed from all points of view before you make your final decision in order to create the best basis for the success of your wedding celebration.

Step 2 – The right wedding photographer for beautiful memories