Attractive wedding pins for the guests

At many weddings, one chooses wedding pins to identify the guests as part of society. While the groom and the groomsmen are usually always decorated with a badge, one can decide on the other guests according to their own taste and budget for such a piece of jewelry. It should be noted that the badge for the groom is larger and more magnificent than that of the other guests.

Individual Wedding Pins create a festive atmosphere

With a wedding pin that you can hand over to guests upon arrival, every guest feels like an active part of the festivities. There is a large selection of such pins that you can quickly find a model that fits well with the colors and style of your own wedding. Below are:

– petite bouquets
– single flowers
– wedding buttons

Many badges are also offered in a package of 10 or 12 pieces. They are a cheap way to make the guests a pleasure and to give the wedding also special charm.

Matching Wedding Pins

The wedding pins should be suitable for the wedding and it can also be the favorite color of the newlyweds. Note that the wedding pin fits the style of the wedding. If possible, try to keep to the topic of the wedding. Whether the wedding plugs are to be decorated with flowers or with stones is up to the bridal couple. You can also make your own ones. It does not have to be expensive badges. Most of the time, the personal plugs you make are the most valuable. Just let your imagination run free.

It is said that singles should wear the badge on the left and Married the badge right. But is everyone’s thing. The wedding pins are usually distributed before the wedding ceremony. There are different types of wedding pins. Here some examples:

– made of fabric
– with springs
– from roses
– artificial wedding pins

Modern buttons as a wedding pin

Those who would like to spend their badges without resorting to traditional floral bouquets can also opt for personalized buttons. These can be printed with the wedding date, the name of the bride and groom and even a photo. Particularly interesting are the buttons that identify each guest: mother, best man, sister and colleague can get their personal button. There are numerous options for labeling the button, which can be determined when ordering.

Wedding Pins for bride and groom

Everyone likes to decorate themselves at a wedding. Even the groom does not need to hide behind the bride in her elegant wedding suit. While the bride is wearing her bridal bouquet, the groom can not miss a small ornament that combines with the floral decoration of the wedding. He gets a wedding pin, which is pinned on the lapel of the wedding suit and also equips the groom with a pretty detail.

Groomsmen and guests festively decorated

However, on many weddings, the groom is not the only one allowed to wear a wedding pin. Other people can wear the wedding jewelry on their clothes. This includes

– maids of honor/groomsmen
– parents of the bride and groom
– closest friends

Often a particularly elaborate wedding pin is used for the groom, while the models for groomsmen and other persons are a little simpler. This is the best way to emphasize the special position of the groom.

What flowers for the wedding pin

A large single flower is ideal as a wedding pin for the groom, as it radiates special charm through their noble beauty. Since the suit of the groom is usually dark, one should opt for a flower in a bright color, which forms a nice contrast and is also visible from afar. Roses, orchids or Calla are used, which radiate great elegance and are a worthy companion for the wedding day. Wedding pins for other people should be clearly different from the groom and the bridal bouquet. Cloves, chrysanthemums or gypsophila are the flowers of choice. A bouquet of rosemary is also solemn and exudes a wonderful scent. Of course, the wedding pin does not necessarily consist of a real flower. Even artfully made silk flowers look attractive and have the advantage that they do not wilt even over a long day. You can either have the wedding pins made by the florist or you can make them yourself, if you have some skill.

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