The perfect Wedding Cutlery for the beautiful table

The wedding is the most important day in the life of the bride and groom. With appropriate attention to detail, the wedding celebration is planned. One of the primary elements is the wedding table, where the bridal couple and the guests sit down to enjoy a delicious meal, toast and celebrate the marriage. From the decoration of the table to the place cards, the glasses and the porcelain, a perfect harmony should emerge that is worthy of the important task of the wedding table. One detail that must not be forgotten is the cutlery. The cutlery should be noble and high quality and fit in the style of the porcelain and the table design. It is also important to have sufficient forks, knives and spoons in the appropriate sizes for appetizer, main course and dessert. Also cutlery for serving should not be missing.

Wedding Cutlery: rent or buy

n most households there is no cutlery that is sufficient for a wedding party. If the food is kept on a smaller scale, then you can consider buying such a cutlery. Under certain circumstances, different wedding guests can merge to make a cutlery as a wedding gift. If you do not want to buy the cutlery or the wedding party is simply too big, you can find the perfect cutlery even with a loan service. Before borrowing, however, you should look at the cutlery carefully and pay attention to the following points:

– cutlery is in perfect condition
– all parts fit together
– cutlery for serving is available.

Cutlery for cutting the cake

A special wedding custom at the wedding reception is also the cutting of the wedding cake, which also uses a special cutlery. This cutlery is an ideal gift for the wedding couple and consists of a cake knife and a cake scoop, which are richly decorated. The names of the bride and groom can also be engraved, as well as the date of the wedding.

Engraving on the cutlery

If the cutlery is too boring for you and you want something more unusual at your wedding. Then this is just the thing for you. Let’s engrave the cutlery. This is more personal and looks much better. You can engrave names, sayings or symbols such as flowers, rings or stones on the cutlery. Choose a font that matches the motto of the wedding. Do not let too long texts engrave on the cutlery. The shorter the better. If you want longer texts, then simply state that they make the font size smaller. The font color also plays a special role. Do not take black, rather lighter colors.

Cutlery Bags

Cutlery bags are paper bags for cutlery. They can be personalized or you can have them made. Sayings, pictures or the wedding menu can be printed on the cutlery bags. The colors should be consistent and match the rest of the wedding decor. Let your imagination run wild.

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