The Sand Ceremony – a nice custom for the wedding

The wedding celebration gets its special character through popular wedding games and customs, with which the togetherness of the couple is celebrated. This also includes the sand ceremony, which is increasingly celebrated at weddings. In addition to the bride and groom, another family member can participate in this ceremony, such as a child from a previous marriage.

How to organize the Sand Ceremony

The ceremony can either be organized by the bride and groom or can be planned by a groomsman or loved one as a surprise for the couple. To perform the sand ceremony you need:

vase for every participant
– sand in different colors
– main container (transparent)

Bride and groom and, if desired, another family member, each receive a vase that is filled with sand up to the wheel. Each participant’s sand is a different color. Now the groom starts to let a little sand from his vase flow into the main vessel. The bride and, if available, the other participant in the ceremony, then pour sand into the main vessel. Finally, sand is allowed to flow from all vases together into the main vessel. This creates a nice mix of sand in different colors, which forms an interesting pattern in the transparent main container.

Importance of the Sand Ceremony

Just as the sand mixes in the main vessel, the life of the bride and groom also mix. The Sand Ceremony is a powerful symbol of the couple’s togetherness. That is why it makes sense to let children from previous marriages take part in such a ceremony, because the feeling of togetherness and the sense of family are strengthened. The vessel with the mixed sand finds a place of honor in the new family’s living room and always reminds not only of a wonderful wedding day, but also of the fact that you have merged into one unit and are now a family.

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