The most beautiful lingerie for the wedding

On your wedding day, the bride is a princess from head to toe and the lingerie is chosen with care. Of course, no one sees what the bride wears under the clover, but the bride often dresses in the thought of the wedding night she wants to look as romantic and seductive as possible, even if she lives with her partner for a long time. In shops, catalogs and the Internet you will find a huge selection of magnificent models, so that the decision is often not easy. In any case, you should wait with the purchase of the lingerie, until you have selected the wedding dress, so that panties and bra also fit well.

Perfect wedding lingerie- Make a nice figure

There are various parts of the lingerie wedding, which should definitely belong to the bridal equipment. This includes:

– brassiere
– Slip
– bustier
– tights or stockings with straps

Ultimately, the dress determines which lingerie is used. Bra and panties are always standard. The bra must be worked so that it does not become visible under a low-cut dress. The panties should sit well without cutting, so that it does not appear. Lingerie in skin color remain invisible even under the delicate fabric of the wedding dress and are therefore preferable to white or colored underwear. Under a very tight, short dress is a tights advantageous. On the other hand, under the long, wide-cut bridal gown you can very well wear stockings with straps and garters.

Garter is a tradition of bridal wear

The garter has a very special meaning in the bridal lingerie. At the end of the celebration, the groom pulls the garter from his young wife to the applause of all guests. The garter is then to throw into the crowd of waiting unmarried men. The garter is said to bring luck so that the man who catches it will marry next.

Lingerie and much more …

A brief slip – why not, as long as you do not see him. He must lie smoothly and must have neither thick seams nor a round rubber. Neutral silk is cheaper than lace, which can shine through with a thin garment fabric. If you do not have a model figure, you should best wear a gently modeling bodice under a tight bridal gown.

Legs in focus: Even in midsummer, bare legs are inappropriate for a bride. The delicate shimmer is given to the legs only by a hint of shell that attracts all the glances.

Here are some good tips:

  • For a tight or very short dress you need to wear tights. Otherwise it may also be stockings with suspenders or garters.
  • Slim, shapely legs in white stockings to a bridal gown are just stunning.
  • Patterned stockings usually make the legs look stronger, and make long, very slender legs extra sexy.
  • Open shoes require stockings without reinforcement on the toes.

Think of “bed whispers”:

No more exhausted pajamas and the favorite nightgown. Of course, a bride presents herself to the groom of her sleepless nights in a night of negligee. Whether silk or lace – the finest is just good enough. In addition, perhaps the matching dressing gown and of course petite little slippers. But the bride can also wrap herself solely in an overwhelming fragrance. That is a little cheaper then …

What the bride wears under the wedding dress remains a mystery to the wedding guests. Dessous are by no means pure luxury. They should form the body inconspicuously and correct small blemishes. The lingerie must be perfectly matched to the dress that you can not even guess.

The color plays an important role here: the white bridal gown made of thin fabric may let white laundry show through. Skin-colored lingerie, on the other hand, are invisible.

How much underwear does the bride need?

As little as possible, but as much as necessary – very simple. Whether shirt, bustier or garter belt, etc., that decides at the end of the dress. Bra and panties, on the other hand, are standard. But no matter what the bride is wearing under the dress, all the pieces should harmonize nicely in style and fabric.

A particularly responsible task is performed by the BH. It supports and lifts, can effectively exert what is already present, or generate wealth where lack prevails. Ideally, a model made of smooth material is ideal, because caution: seams, too luscious lace, embroidery, embellishments or even hangers can push through the delicate fabric of the wedding dress. Often, a front closure is cheaper than the back. The bearers should also be invisible. For bridal gowns simply do not fit “flashy” bra straps. For a sleeveless or strapless dress anyway, only the strapless bra – usually he is not exactly comfortable, but he donates support.