Give Aways as a surprise for the wedding guests

While the bride and groom are the main characters at a wedding, the guests’ presence helps to ensure that the wedding can be celebrated extensively. Therefore, the wedding couple also like to thank the guests with pretty give aways, which guests can take home as a small souvenir. Even today, this wedding custom is practiced at almost every wedding and it is advisable that the bride thinks about which favors to choose in good time.

Bought or homemade – give aways are a nice thank you

In wedding shops you will find a large selection of giveaways for the wedding. It can be a nice little thing, or even a bigger gift, that for example you give each couple. The giveaways also have their own products, such as cookies or painted glasses. Some of the most popular ideas include:

– small, beautifully shaped soap bars
– delicious jam in small glasses
– small figures made of porcelain
– wedding almonds

The wedding almonds have a very special meaning. With their bitter-sweet taste, they symbolize married life par excellence, which is also marked by sweet and bitter moments. The sugar coating of the wedding coat represents the wish that the sweet moments may prevail in the life of the bride and groom. Although this old custom is well known, one should enclose a so-called almond card, which explains the tradition, if one decides for wedding almonds as a gift.

Give Aways – How to give favors

There are several ways to give the guests the little gifts. Often, they are nicely packaged at any place on the wedding table and can also carry the name of the guest. In this way they serve as a place card at the same time. However, you can also set up a table at the exit of the festival hall, where the give aways are ready, so that each guest can take his gift when leaving the wedding.

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