Choose a pretty Wedding Flower Basket

Litter baskets are an important accessory for the flower children. Flower girls are a romantic tradition at weddings. They sprinkle petals on the way in front of the newlyweds after the wedding ceremony. Young girls usually like to be flower girls, especially since they are allowed to wear pretty dresses.

But you shouldn’t just think about the color and type of petals. The scatter basket in which the flowers are located should also match the wedding theme, as well as the dress of the flower girls.

Scatter flowers are available in many different colors. So you can find the right petals for every color theme. Red or pink flowers are particularly popular, not only because they occur very often in nature, but also because they go well with love and the white wedding dress.

Wedding Flower Basket – An old tradition remains alive

Sprinkling flowers for weddings is a tradition that has existed for thousands of years and is based on a pagan belief. The fragrance of the flowers is intended to attract the fertility goddess and give the bride and groom a large marriage.

The way out of the church is also the way of marriage as a whole. The flowers that cover the path in front of the bride and groom also mean a safe path or a marriage that is embedded on flowers.

There are different types of litter baskets. The countless models differ in the material alone.

– wicker baskets
– baskets made of wire
– chip baskets
– straw basket

Mostly the basket is also decorated, depending on the motto of the wedding. Various materials can be used for decorating. Examples of beautiful accessories include bows, ribbons, flowers that are woven into wire baskets, bows, etc.

Real flowers or artificial flowers for the flower basket?

Many brides want scatter flowers from real flowers. These can even be bought freeze-dried today, so that you can be sure that you have a sufficient supply at hand for the wedding. But the real petals also bring some night parts with them. The petals rub off and are therefore not allowed in some churches, registry offices and public places. The hands of the flower children also take on the color of the petals so that they can easily contaminate their wardrobe. Also when decorating tables, real petals quickly stain the tablecloth and leave ugly stains. Therefore, choosing silk scatter flowers is often a wise solution to easily use scatter flowers at the wedding.

Choose artificial rose petals

Traditionally, the wedding basket is filled with rose petals that are strewn on the floor in front of the bride and groom. In many places, however, the scattering of rose petals is not welcomed or even prohibited because the trodden rose petals leave heavy soiling that is often difficult to clean. If you still do not want to do without the beautiful custom, but want to avoid trouble, you can opt for artificial rose petals, which you can get in bags in the wedding shop. These look at least as romantic as the real leaves, but leave no stains and can be easily cleaned together.

Here you will find useful tips for planning a wedding so that this festive day is a complete success.