Relaxation for the feet – Flip Flops for the wedding

Flip flops for the wedding initially seems to be a rather inappropriate idea. However, considering that guests have spent many hours in often elegant new shoes, when long after dinner and the wedding games, the dance is opened, so gain flip flop at the wedding to attractiveness.

They can be offered to guests so that they can take off pressy shoes and enjoy the dance in comfortable footwear. Thus, the dance floor fills up quickly and the boisterous celebration until the morning is nothing in the way. Especially dance-loving ladies will be thrilled by this idea to finally be able to strip the heels. Flip flops also prevent dangers such as slipping on the dance floor, or in general at the venue, thus spares you with spilled drinks, dangerous broken glass, eat on the ground or in the worst case, physical injuries such as bruises and in the worst case, even a break what the Celebration could quickly spoil. If the flip flops are no longer in the budget you should mention something in the wedding invitation like “Do not forget your flip-flops, the day will be too long for the ankle killer”.

Select the best flip flops for the wedding

Wedding flip flops can be ordered in an assortment of different sizes. Usually, the color white is chosen, which fits in particularly well with the wedding. Of course you can also buy different colored flip flops if they fit better with the wedding theme. The most beautiful presentation is in a woven basket with a caption, such as “Kick off your heels and dance”. The wedding flip flops offer several advantages:

– they serve as a gift
– guests can be animated to dance faster
– cozy party
– merry mood can last longer

The pretty flip flop baskets are offered online and win at weddings ever greater popularity. Therefore, it is worthwhile to look for the guests in time for such a surprise and to prove that the wedding was really about the comfort of the guests.

Wedding flip flops – for the alternative wedding

Not every wedding takes place today in a hall. Many bridal couples opt for an alternative location and celebrate their wedding in the park or on the beach. If you go to such a location after the church or the registry office, most guests do not have the right footwear at hand. Therefore, you should already make flip flops available at such a wedding, so that good shoes are not ruined and the wedding mood is not tarnished.

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