Perfect car bands for your personal wedding

The vehicle used to transport the bride and groom from the church to the wedding venue is traditionally beautifully and festively decorated. But also the cars of the guests are decorated with pleasure, so that an impressive wedding train is created, in which everybody enjoys to participate. Car bows and car bands for the wedding are the most popular decorative items that can quickly turn a vehicle into a worthy vehicle for the bride and groom.

Varied decoration possibilities with car borders

At most weddings, it is the job of the groomsman to provide for the car jewelry. So one should long before the wedding once interested in what design options you have with car ribbons for the wedding to decorate the bridal car or guest cars in an individual way. It should be noted that the bridal car should always be more beautifully equipped than the other vehicles. Beautiful ideas for decoration with car bands are as follows:

– big car bows on the hood
– small door loops
– Antenna loops

On the car of bride and groom, the car bands for the wedding can also be wonderfully connected with a flower arrangement. To do this, you can attach the car bands diagonally over the bonnet and place the floral decoration in the center. There are hardly any limits to the ideas. Of course, you should also look at the deco depending on the type of vehicle and choose a style that is suitable. While you can make a jewelry with many ribbons and large loops in a large sedan, only a door and antenna loops can work better in a small car.

Autoband wedding / car bows wedding / bought or tinkered

Car bows and wedding bands can be obtained in wedding shops in a wide range. You can already buy the pretty loops and attach them to the vehicle with magnets. However, those who want to make the car jewelry very individual, can also form the loop itself beautiful bows. When choosing, always make sure that the car bands are bought in the colors of the wedding.

Autoband wedding: How are you used?

There are fantastically beautiful car bands for your wedding that beautify cars. Car belts can be fastened in many places of the car, such as on the car antenna, side mirrors, door handles or windscreen wipers. The so-called car bows must be large and well secured to the cars. Nobody wants to lose a loop while driving.

Make car bows yourself

If you do not want to buy car bows, you have the possibility to make them yourself. So you can choose the shape, the size and the material yourself. It will take some time, but if you enjoy it, why not? Besides, you do not have to do it alone. Certainly someone will help you and keep you company. On the Internet there are various crafting instructions, where you can look.

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