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The bridal bouquet in vintage style

In America, the vintage wedding has long been popular and the trend is now spreading to Europe. For many bridal couples, it is a great pleasure to design decoration and clothing in the style of bygone decades. It is always important that the overall picture is consistent. That’s why a vintage wedding bouquet is a must for a perfect vintage wedding.

Bridal Bouquet Vintage – Trendy Ideas

Brautstrauß VintageBrautstrauß Vintage

The bridal bouquet is an accessory that belongs to every formal wedding and is the focus of all guests during the festivities several times. When the bride moves into the church or the registry office, looks at the romantic bouquet and at the very end, when the bride throws her bouquet among the assembled guests, the bridal bouquet is once again the focus. That is why it is especially important that the bridal bouquet Vintage fits perfectly with the wedding dress and the style of the wedding. So a harmonious flair is created, with which one can prove sense of style. For the vintage bridal bouquet, delicate pastel shades are best suited to capture the charm of this style. With a vintage bouquet you can choose real flowers, or you can opt for delicate silk flowers. These have the advantage that they will not wither and with their petals also the wedding dress can not soil.

Which shape for the bridal bouquet vintage

Once the decision has been made as to which flowers to use for the vintage bridal bouquet, it is time to select the shape. In Biedermeier or in the bouquet, the vintage style can be wonderfully worked out. The Biedermeier bouquet is small and domed. The stems of the flowers are usually wrapped with tape below. Such a bouquet looks beautiful to the vintage dress and can also be carried well in the hand. But the bracelet also offers a wonderfully romantic alternative. For this purpose, a few perfect, long-stemmed flowers are chosen, which are simply held together with a matching color band. Such a bouquet, as its name suggests, is carried in the arm.

Special jewelery for the bridal bouquet vintage

With some pretty decorative elements you can emphasize the vintage look of the bridal bouquet very cleverly. Feathers are an excellent choice. Dark feathers make it easy to highlight bright flowers and the bridal bouquet has a very individual touch. Simple white feathers, on the other hand, lend a lot of elegance and give the bouquet a Gatsby flair from the 1920s. Beads and sequins attached to ribbons also serve to give the bouquet a special look.

Where do you get a vintage bridal bouquet?

The vintage style is quite fashionable for weddings today. If you use a florist who specializes in wedding flowers, you can certainly find many suggestions for a vintage bouquet. Often the florists also have pictures of bouquets made for other weddings that can serve as inspiration. If it’s a DIY wedding, you’ll find plenty of inspiration on the internet and in wedding magazines to create your very own bridal bouquet in vintage style. However, one should bring along a little experience in flower arranging, so that the bouquet also succeeds perfectly.

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