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  • October 20, 2018

Wedding buffet or rather a menu

When it comes to tasting the guests, ask yourself again and again, whether you should opt for a menu or rather for a buffet. Both alternatives have advantages and disadvantages that should be considered.

Advantages and disadvantages of the buffet

One of the big advantages of the buffet is the flexibility it offers guests in choosing what they want to eat. The buffet can be designed so that even vegetarians have the right thing. Also, every guest can eat as much as he wants, so everyone gets full at the wedding feast. Last but not least, the buffet is also suitable for boosting the mood. The guests leave their seats to go to the buffet and talk to each other. A buffet can be beautifully designed and also offers a visual attraction during the wedding dinner that guests will appreciate.

However, you should only opt for a buffet, if the wedding location offers plenty of space. The structure of the buffet requires space and the tables should not be too narrow, so that the guests can easily move from their place to the buffet. Among the disadvantages of the buffet is the queue standing and also the fact that the food is getting cold and unsightly.

Advantages and disadvantages of the menu

The menu is always elegant and gives guests the opportunity to relax while eating. Table calls are not interrupted and all guests eat at the same time. But there is the disadvantage that the guests in terms of food and portion sizes have no influence. It’s also harder to consider vegetarians.

A mixture of buffet and menu can prove to be ideal. Salads and appetizers are available at the buffet, while the soup and main course can be served at the table. Cake and dessert are then served from the buffet.

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