No wedding without matches

The wedding games – not coveted by everyone, but most play with. They contribute a lot to the memory, because they provide variety and bridge small waiting times. In addition, they make the most beautiful day in life a real highlight.

Find matching wedding games easily

for the bridal couple

for the guests

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Which games are suitable?

Before you decide on one or the other wedding game, think about whether the games are also fitting. If you have high-ranking guests to visit, e.g. from politics or business, you should better abstain from overly rough games. If the wedding takes place in the closest family circle, you can of course determine freely according to your feeling the suitable wedding plays.

Here you will find our Top 10 Wedding Games

wedding heart

let balloons rise

fingerprint on canvas

the colorful wood mosaic


money gift

– wedding bird house

bridal shoe auction

saw the tree trunk

feeding the groom

Our Top 3:

Cut out wedding heart

– Newlyweds cut heart out of sheets
– Groom carries bride through the heart
– Old wedding custom
– Action for great photos

Fingerprint canvas

– Wedding guests perpetuate themselves on the tree
– symbol of cohesion and growing love
– Beautiful expression of the community
– Creative wedding guest book„amazon“

Let balloons rise

– send good wishes to heaven
– Great community action
– Beautiful photo opportunities
– Start with helium balloons into married life

60 wedding games to choose from

Here you will find the most famous wedding games for a successful wedding.

1. Fingerprint on a wedding tree

This popular wedding game is organized with simple means and is well received at every wedding. The good thing is, every guest can participate in this wedding game and immortalise his name on this canvas. At the end of each branch you can position a fingerprint and write your name above or below and the sheet is done. Thus, in the course of an evening, this wedding tree feels appropriate and is a wonderful memory for the wedding couple.

Fingerprint canvas

– Wedding guests perpetuate themselves on the tree
– symbol of cohesion and growing love
– Beautiful expression of the community
– Creative wedding guest book

2. Let balloons rise

This wedding game is very easy to organize, just order the matching balloons and you’re ready to go. In addition, you can attach to the balloons wish cards, which come true according to custom, as soon as one of the cards comes back at the wedding couple.


Balloons rise

– send good wishes to heaven
– Great community action
– Beautiful photo opportunities
– Start with helium balloons into married life

3. Saw the tree trunk

The log sawing at the wedding is usually organized by the groomsmen or family members and should be planned days before the wedding, so that all the necessary components are at hand. To play the game you need:

– A medium tree trunk
– A big hacksaw
– Gloves for bride and groom
– A sawhorse

The tree trunk is now laid ready for the newlyweds on the sawhorse. Bride and groom begin to saw through the tree trunk in the middle. The inexperienced quickly realize that this task requires some coordination and teamwork to complete successfully. Once the bridal couple has completed the task, the guests can put their names on the sawing surfaces and give the bridal couple such a beautiful memento of the wedding and the first joint task.

4. Feed the groom

Feeding the groom is a popular wedding game for the wedding party that will delight guests. This game is performed by the bride and groom while the guests watch. The skill of the couple is required and to the great amusement of the guests it comes to many funny incidents. You should hire a guest to film the groom feeding so that the bridal couple can enjoy the scene again later.

Preparation for the game

To be able to do the groom feeding wedding game, you need the following things:

– 1 bed sheet
– 1 Baby Romper
– baby hat for the groom
– baby spoon
– Various foods, washcloths, toothbrush,..

In the bed sheet, a slit for the head and two arm slits are cut in the upper third. Under the cut for the head a baby playsuit is sewn on.

Course of the game

The sheet is held tight in front of a chair on which the groom sits down. The groom now pokes his head through the head slot and the bride puts both hands through the arm slots. The result for the audience is the image of a baby with the groom’s head and two short arms. In the course of the game, different tasks will be asked. For example, the groom is asked to eat a banana or brush his teeth. Since all the tasks are performed by the bride, who can not see her husband’s head, quite funny scenes are created, where the audience enjoy themselves.

5. Wood mosaic

„amazon“This wedding game is quite simple and suitable for just about any wedding guest. You simply order the wood mosaic, unpack it on site, spread out the supplied tablecloth, mixing bowls, acrylic paints, brushes and some water containers and start playing immediately. The guests now paint single mosaic puzzle according to their own ideas. After all the particles have been painted, they are put into the wooden frame using adhesive dots to create a beautiful, unique picture.

6. Marriage Quiz

It is the most popular variant of the wedding games and may not be missing at any party. Well, do we really know each other bride and groom? And this is how it is played:

How well does the bride and groom know each other? Here the couple must show their knowledge that they know each other really well.

What you need:

– some questions for the bride and groom
– Quiz card
– Game master

And this is how it works:

– The groom will be asked questions about the bride and the bride will ask questions about the groom. How, for example, what eye color does the bride have? What is the favorite movie of the groom? It is especially important to ask questions that are personal.
– The questions are then written on cards. And every question has 4 answer options.
– The couple is then brought on stage, so they are well seen by everyone. In addition, they can also be offered a wild card when answering (eg phoning, wedding guests, 2 possible answers).

Who answered the most questions correctly, won!

7. Wedding heart

It is one of the most popular games at the wedding: the wedding heart. The bride and groom must cut after the wedding, the way through a bed sheet in heart shape. The sheet symbolizes obstacles that have to be mastered by the bride and groom. Then the groom carries his bride through the heart. Not to forget to shoot a photo of this great event.

What you need:

– Bedsheet
– Pencils
– 2 scissors

And this is how it works:

  1. Take a sheet and paint a big heart on it.
  2. The bride and groom must cut out the painted heart with scissors.
  3. When the heart has been cut out, the groom carries his bride through the heart.

8. Raffle

For a really successful wedding party you need entertaining wedding games such. the wedding raffle! This coveted wedding game can be played in several variants. To top up the bridal couple’s bank account, you can sell tombola lots to the wedding guests. Here it is important to find a game leader who advertises accordingly the prices or chances of winning accordingly, so that as many wedding guests participate in the game. Which is also very funny to organize a joke raffle, where you win articles that in reality no one really needs. The fun factor is definitely given in this game and should not be missing at any wedding.

9. Bird house

The birdhouse as a gift of money also works as a guest book, as all participants can decorate it with a fingerprint. That’s why it’s also a unique gift idea that will make the couple happy. For this gift idea you need:

– A prefabricated birdhouse
– Ink pad in different colors
– felt-tip pens
– Screws for closing the bird house

„amazon“All guests wishing to participate in the birdhouse gift will gather at the wedding and begin to fill the bird house with bills and coins. Subsequently, the roof of the bird house is firmly closed with screws, so that the bridal couple must first release the roof, before it comes to the money gift. With the inkpad each participant sets a colorful fingerprint on the birdhouse and writes his name. Then the money gift bird house is ready to be presented to the bride and groom.

10. XXL doll

In this wedding game, the bridal couple is wedged in a XXL shirt and has a doll to take the diaper and create a new one. The cleaning, creaming, etc. is of course also included.

What you need:

– XXL shirt
– Doll
– Baby clothes
– two diapers
– baby powder
– cream
– Washcloths

And this is how it works:

  1. The doll is completely dressed
  2. Cream, powder, diaper, etc. are placed on a table.
  3. The pair is the shirt so tightened that each arm of the bride or groom can be inserted through the sleeve.
  4. The bridal couple is now pressed the doll in the arm and you can start!

11. Wish line

12 envelopes are prepared for the bridal couple, in which the guests put in small congratulations for the bride and groom. Only one envelope may be opened each month.

What you need:

– colorful wishlist
– twelve envelopes
– Clothes line
– 12 clothespins
– several ballpoint pens

And this is how it works:

  1. It should be prepared many notes on which later the wedding guests write the congratulations for the bride and groom. In addition, 12 envelopes are to be prepared, in which then the congratulations should be put.
  2. On the wedding day, a clothesline should be placed in a well visible place. Wish list will be distributed to the guests.
  3. The action should then best be announced via the microphone and be explained briefly, exactly how the process is.
  4. When all envelopes are filled, the clothesline is handed over to the bridal couple.
  5. Only one envelope per month may be opened by the bride and groom.

12. Bridal shoe auction

A fun and entertaining game that is planned quickly. A guest sneaks up to the bride and steals her shoe. This will then be auctioned among the guests. Each guest makes a bid for the shoe. At the end of the auction, the bride and groom receive the shoe and its proceeds. That will benefit the bride and groom.

What you need:

– Auctioneer
– Microphone
– shoe thief
– Bridal shoe
– Helper

And this is how it works:

  1. In advance, a guest is eigeweiht who should play the shoe thief. Once he has the shoe, the game can begin.
  2. The game is led by the auctioneer. Not to forget a microphone, because it should be understood by every guest.
  3. Next, bids are made for the bridal shoe, which are paid directly to the auctioneer.
  4. Of course, the newlyweds may also bid.
  5. If the maximum bid is reached, the bride receives the bridal shoe and the proceeds from the auction.

13. Treasure chest

The treasure chest is a fun wedding game. It’s a great idea that makes you dance. Money is put into the chest. Then it is wound several times with a chain and closed with three locks. The keys are distributed among the guests. To get the key, the bride and groom must dance with the right guest. If all three keys are found, the bridal couple may take the money out of the chest.

What you need:

– Treasure chest
– 3 chains
– 3 locks incl. Key
– money
– music

And this is how it works:

  1. Es wird eine Schatztruhe besorgt. Legen Sie das Geld in die Schatztruhe und umwickeln Sie sie mit drei Ketten, die jeweils ein Schloss haben.
  2. Verteilen Sie die Schlüssel heimlich unter den Hochzeitsgästen.
  3. Um an die Schlüssel zu kommen, muss das Brautpaar mit dem richtigen Gast tanzen. Nach dem Tanz darf nach dem Schlüssel gefragt werden.
  4. Wurden alle drei Schlüssel gefunden, kann die Schatztruhe geöffnet werden und das Geld kann entnommen werden.

14. Chaos cards

The game consists of 51 task cards and 4 cards to fill out yourself. It is a salvation for every witness. Each guest gets his own wedding mission. It is danced, sung and cheered. This makes the wedding the funniest day in a life.

The edition consists of 51 task cards and 4 cards to fill out yourself – packed in a yellow cardboard box.

15. Photo Booth

The photo box – not a game, but a nice reminder of the most beautiful day in a life!

A picture frame is taken or printed out and placed in a corner or to a certain place. The background is decorated with the following inscription: “Name & Name + Date”

A photo booth set makes the photos very funny and a really nice souvenir of the wedding.

16. Trip to Jerusalem

“Journey to Jerusalem” – always remains popular. 13 volunteers are taken from the audience. As long as the music plays, the people have to walk around twelve chairs. As soon as the music stops, the “travelers” have to find a place. The one who has not found a place is obliged to do something for the bridal couple in January, for example. Clean the windows, wash the car, invite to eat, run the dog, dusting, invite to a cozy game night, give a wine bottle.

A chair is taken away and the journey continues. After all, twelve people have become richer for a task that is to delight the couple. To help the bridal couple know which surprise is coming up in which month, a craft calendar (available at bookstores or stationery stores) is helpful. Sam washes the car on the January calendar page under the quickly glued Polaroid photo of Sam. So the couple can look forward to “wedding aftermath” for one year. The last person remaining, on the other hand, receives a small gift from the bride and groom. Twelve to one is more than fair, right?

17. Feel the legs

Does she recognize him blindly? To check that out, six to eight men with their legs rolled up stand on chairs in a row. Blindfolded, the bride must feel the legs of her sweetheart.

18. Flag – wedding game

To get to know each other for all wedding guests, the wedding couple will be put to the test during the game of flags. A fun for all concerned, without much effort.

Before the start of the game all players get a flag, except the wedding couple. This must now sit down with the back to the wedding gestures. The game master / game master now asks yes or no questions to the players. Questions such as: “Who has drunk over two glasses of wine?” or “Who wears a bra?”. The wedding guests answer yes, if they lift the flags and no, if they lower the flags. The bride and groom are asked after each question to estimate the number of upmarket flags. The winner is the one who has often valued correctly.

19. Umbrella dance

When the wedding guests invite the bridal couple to dance and give them an umbrella, it’s time for a fun game for the couple and the guests.

The wedding couple gets a taut umbrella, the outside of which was equipped with double-sided adhesive tape. The guests are equipped with colorful paper snakes. When the music starts and the wedding couple starts the dance, the wedding guests throw the colorful paper snakes at the screen until the music stops.

20. Auction

Lots of mementos of the wedding and a financial support for the newlyweds. In addition, an auction amuses the mood at the party.

The more creative the wedding souvenirs, the more successful the auction will be. There are a lot of possibilities. Perfectly suitable are photo souvenirs, such as printed cushions, T-shirts or cups with selected photos of the wedding couple. Even home-made memories come in any case good with the guests. It is also important that there are cheaper and smaller pieces in the range.

A good auction naturally requires a good presenter. A relatives or acquaintances who entertain the guests is particularly suitable.

21. Nameplate

This game helps the wedding guests learn how the other visitors relate to the bride and groom. For this purpose, a large name tag, a pen and a bow with color dots are distributed to each guest. Each guest describes on the name tag his relationship with the bride and groom. In the time given by the game leader one must now guess what is hidden behind the paraphrases and may stick with every correct guess a color point on the sign.

22. Poetry contest

For the poetry contest, the guests are divided into small groups. Each group receives a sheet, on which previously five to six terms were written, from which a poem must now be written on the bridal couple. The game master gives the participants a certain time, after which the poem is recited to the bridal couple.

23. Rolling pin dance

„amazon“This game should be played among an equal number of men and women who have to line up. The first person in the series has a rolling pin under his chin. When the music begins to play, the next person’s rolling pin must also be passed under the chin without using your hands. Who drops the rolling pin is eliminated.

24. Newspaper dance

Another popular dance game that creates a mood is the newspaper dance. All ladies who wish to participate will receive a double page of a daily newspaper. Together with a partner of their choice, they now have to dance on this newspaper page without touching the ground with their feet. Every time the music stops, the newspaper has to be folded once, so that the dance floor diminishes rapidly. Who touches the ground is eliminated and the last couple on the newspaper is the winner.

25. Fishing paper boat

These wedding games are played by the bride and groom. Guests write credits for small gifts on nailed paper boats launched into a large sink. Now the bride’s eyes are blindfolded and she gets a fishing rod with a magnet, with which you can fish the shuttle by the nail. There is only a certain amount of time available to try to catch as many shuttles as possible according to the instructions of the groom.

26. Water race

According to ancient tradition, the bride’s guests bring a bucket of water for their new home. This game is modeled on tradition. At the starting line glasses of water are placed, which must be transported by the participants on the palm to the finish line. The player who arrives first and still has the most water in the glass wins the game.

27. Swan Lake Ballet

These wedding games need some planning and serve the entertainment of the guests. Some strong men are prepared before the wedding to perform their own choreography to Ballet Swan Lake in lace shoes and homemade ballet. This game always provides a lot of mood.

28. A picture story

These wedding games also need preparatory work. They are looking for old pictures of the bride and groom – from childhood to the first meeting and the wedding preparations, which are digitized and put together to a small lecture, which is entertaining with funny anecdotes for all present.

29. Coin treasure

If the bridal couple wishes money, then it’s a good game. For this purpose, a large box of fine, loose sand is filled, in which the money is hidden in coins. Now the bride and groom get a set time, in which they have to find as many coins as possible in the sandbox.

30. Wishes for the bridal couple

Each guest receives a note and a pen for this game. Now a good wish for the bride and groom is written on the note. The notes are already folded and stored in a nice container. The wish box is presented to the bridal couple and the guests decide when the good wishes may be read.

31. Collect kisses

For this game you need a big screen, if possible standing on an easel. In the middle, a photo of the bride and groom is attached. In the course of the evening, young and old guests can come to the screen and use lipstick to immortalise a kiss on the screen. At the end of the evening, the entire canvas should be filled around the photo.

32. Balloon dance

This game is great for luring the guests onto the dance floor. The dancing couples have to hold a balloon at forehead height and try to make it as good as possible. If the balloon bursts or falls to the ground, the couple is eliminated. The last couple with a balloon wins the game.

33. Candle dance

„amazon“This game gives the wedding celebration romance. The guests are equipped with sparklers and stand in the circle around the bridal couple. Waving the lit candles, the guests move slightly to the rhythm of the music, while the wedding couple dances in the candlelight in their midst.

34. Swimming Flipper Dance

The swimflap dance is especially funny. The participants receive swim fins, which they overlap before the game begins. Now, a slow waltz becomes flippers, which they slip over before the game begins. Now a slow waltz is played to which you have to dance with the fins. The best couple receives a prize.

35. Collect roses

This game is intended for the newlyweds. For this purpose, empty bottles are placed in a slalom course in the ballroom and put a rose in each bottle. Now the bridegroom is blindfolded and he has to follow the instructions of his bride and take out the rose from each bottle without the bottle falling over. At the end, he can give the bride a bouquet of roses.

36. Tie bridal bouquet

These wedding games are a modification of one of the oldest traditions at weddings: the throwing of the bridal bouquet. In this game, the ladies have to bind only from materials provided a bouquet. Then the guests choose the most beautiful bouquet and it is thrown into the crowd. The woman who catches him will be the next bride.

37. The shoe of the princess

In this game, the wedding party can get to know each other better, be changed in the dance partner. For this all ladies take off a shoe, which is deposited in the middle of the dance floor. Now the men are looking for a shoe and then have to find the corresponding lady. She is then the partner for the next dance.

38. Heart darts

At these wedding games, guests make paper hearts on which a small gift is written. It can be car washing or lawn mowing but also a visit to the cinema. The hearts are attached to a pin board. Now the bride and groom can meet six hearts with six litters.

The first three hearts are gifts for the bridal couple, while the last three represent gifts that the wedding couple must make to the guest.

39. Wandering hat

The Wandering Hat is a fun dance game that benefits the bride and groom. For each month of the year, a task is written on a piece of paper and the notes are kept in a pot. Now the music plays the dance and a dancer gets a hat on. He must try to pass it on to another dancer as soon as possible. Anyone who wears a hat when the music stops has to draw a note and perform the task listed in the relevant month for the bride and groom.

40. Bridal kidnapping

A group of guests takes the bride to a previously designated venue. Now the groom must go in search of his bride, where he can be accompanied by the witness and a group of guests. Once he has found his bride, he is given a task that he must fulfill before he can take the bride back with him.

41. Underpants change

The wedding games are on the dance floor. In each case a dance partner pulls on a long men’s underpants. Now they dance until the music stops. Then the couple has to change their underpants. The pair that finishes the change last must retire. Such wedding games guarantee a good mood

42. Clothes from the backpack

These wedding games make for a great atmosphere. A backpack is filled with all kinds of clothing. The guests gather around the dance floor and while the music is playing, the backpack is thrown from one person to another. When the music stops, the person holding the backpack must remove and put on a garment. Afterwards the best outfit can be awarded.

43. Postcards

For this wedding games, 52 blank postcards will be distributed to guests during the wedding reception. The postcards are numbered from 1 to 52 in advance. During the celebration, each guest can make his card into a small work of art, with which he tries to capture the mood of the wedding. The postcard is taken home and must be sent by the guest in the week corresponding to the number on the card.

44. The journey to Jerusalem

These wedding games have a lot of tradition and are always very popular. A circle is formed with chairs, whereby always one chair is less present, than participants. When the music begins to play, the participants walk around the circle of chairs. When the music stops, everyone quickly sits down on a chair. Whoever does not reach an empty chair, is eliminated. The last remaining player has won and receives a prize.

45. The search for a kiss

These wedding games are meant for the bridal couple. You need a white canvas for the game. Then the bride and several other ladies from the wedding party now bring a red kiss. It is important that all women use the same lipstick. The groom now has to guess which kiss mouth belongs to his bride. These wedding games make for a lot of laughter and good mood.

46. The veil dance

The veil dance is one of the most popular and also the most romantic wedding games. For this purpose, a large tulle veil is stretched under which the newlyweds begin to dance. Every guest who now throws money into the tulle veil, may abkat the bride or groom. So even with a large wedding party many guests have the opportunity to dance with the bridal couple and bridal couple dances a little pocket money for the honeymoon.

47. The coachman game

„amazon“Some wedding games have been played for generations and this includes the coachman game. This requires eleven chairs and eleven players. The chairs are set up according to the game instructions and the individual participants take on different roles. Now a story is read and if the role name of your participant is called, it must stand up and run a round to build. If the individual players are called fast, there is too much confusion when getting up and walking, which is accompanied by happy laughter.

48. Karaoke memory

In these wedding games, both the bridal couple and the guests with. The guests are divided into couples. Each couple receives a portion of the text of a familiar song, each of which is responsible for half. Bride and groom play against each other and may each call two people who now sing their passage. Whoever finds the most matching pair has won.

49. The balloon dance

Wedding games that deal with dancing always ensure a particularly good mood. The Balloon Dance is no exception. For this game, a balloon is tied to the male dance partners on a Schur to the ankle. Now they must try to crush the balloons of the other dance partners while protecting their own. The last to dance with a hot balloon is the winner.

50. The wedding quiz

All guests participate in this game. A questionnaire will be prepared containing questions about the bride and groom. Where did they get to know each other? What is the favorite food of the groom? What is the name of the mother of the bride? Such and similar questions can be seen on the bow. Now every guest gets a copy, which has to be filled out. The winner is the participant with the most correct answers.

51. The marriage suitability test

This test is one of the wedding games played by the bride and groom. They are seated blindfolded on two chairs with their backs to each other. Everyone holds their own shoe and a partner’s shoe in their hands. Now the guests ask questions like: who is sportier? Who will do the dishes? And similar. The bridal couple responds by lifting the corresponding shoe. For each matching answer comes a little money in the wedding cash.

52. The spoon game

Two teams are formed for this fun wedding game, one led by the bride and the other by the groom. Each team receives a teaspoon to which a long shur is tied. Each participant must now pull the spoon with the string through the clothing. When all team members are connected, the process continues in a different direction until all participants are released and the string is rolled up again. The fastest team wins.

53. Morning toilet for the groom

In this game, the groom sits in a chair behind a canvas into which a hole has been cut for his head. The bride stands behind him and puts his arms through two holes in the canvas. Without being able to see the groom, she now begins according to instructions of the game master with the groom’s morning toilet. Brushing teeth, washing, creaming are among the tasks. In addition, the necessary articles are handed to her by the spectators.

54. The mummy wedding game

This game is played in pairs. One partner has the task of wrapping the other with toilet paper so that it is like a mummy. Who has mummified his partner first completely, is the winner of the game.

55. The bottle game

In this wedding game, the participants are tied with a thread with a pin on the back of the belt, so that the pen oscillates at about knee height. Now an empty bottle is placed behind each player. The task of the player is to insert the pen with folded arms by moving the body into the bottle. The winner is whoever masters the task first.

56. Wedding Piñata

„amazon“A piñata is a large cardboard figure filled with sweets and other surprises. The piñata is hung in the middle of the room and the bridal couple must now try to smash the figure blindfolded. In addition, the bride and groom each receive a wooden stick. The audience may call good tips.

57. Find a dance partner

This game makes the dance floor fill up. One thinks about the names of famous couples like Romeo and Juliet, Cesar and Cleopatra and so on. Now the names are written separately on paper and kept in a container for ladies and one for men. Now all players draw a name and then have to find their partner. Then it’s time to dance.

58. The fetters of marriage

In this game, the young couple are handcuffed together. Then they have to try to fry a fried egg in such a way. So they can prove how well they cope with the fetters of marriage.

59. The beer mat game

This couples wedding game is all about placing as many coasters as possible in a particular location, such as under the partner’s arm or between the man’s teeth. Who placed the most beer coasters at the end of the given time, wins.

60. The lancing letter game

With the wedding invitation, profiles are distributed with many different questions about the appearance and preferences, which have to be filled in by the guests. At the wedding, each guest now receives the profile of another. During the festival it must now be found to whom the profile belongs.

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