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  • March 18, 2020

Coronavirus – Should the Wedding be cancelled?

Especially now with the Coronavirus the uncertainty among people is enormous. And weddings are also affected. Many bridal couples ask themselves the question – does the planned wedding have to be cancelled? Here we give you the best information and clarification.

The United States and many other countries worldwide are affected by Coronavirus. The whole world is currently in a state of emergency. Institutions like schools, kindergartens and universities have already been closed in most countries. For large events a ban has been issued or events are completely prohibited.

But what is the situation with a planned wedding celebration? Does the booked wedding have to be cancelled now, although a lot of money has already been spent on it? Now the first thing to do is to keep calm and not panic.

Bridal couples must consider the following

In general, the booked wedding does not have to be cancelled immediately, but there are certain exceptions and limitations that have to be considered.

Whether the wedding celebration will take place depends on the size and number of wedding guests at the wedding event.

The infection protection law applies. This allows the authorities to curb epidemics and to allow and/or prohibit certain measures, such as restricting gatherings. The respective country is responsible for this.

Indoor events with a certain number of people and outdoor events with a certain number of people are cancelled.  The exact amount varies from country to country. However, church services are also no longer allowed and have been cancelled. In certain places registry offices and registration offices have already been closed or are only available for telephone information.

Therefore, in certain places no civil wedding can take place.

At the moment local bans are also in force until the rest of the year. Many places have already been closed, but some also offer home delivery.

It is best to check with the local office in your area for the latest regulations. The countries and offices decide which events are allowed and which are not.

No matter what regulations apply in your area, you must comply with them. This serves your protection and the protection of your wedding guests. If you keep to the prescribed number of guests, the celebration can be cancelled by the police.

Should the wedding be cancelled?

At present, the events are only possible to a limited extent, but this does not mean that this arrangement will continue in the coming months. However, if your wedding does not take place until July, you should not act hastily and cancel your wedding out of concern. The best thing to do is to remain calm and observe the development of the current situation.

It is up to the bridal couple to decide whether the celebration should take place or be cancelled. However, if you wish to cancel the wedding anyway, you must expect that the deposit paid will not be refunded. With certain service providers, a cancellation fee is also payable in case of cancellations.

The best way to cancel the wedding is to contact the respective service provider and discuss everything in peace. The service provider will most likely understand your situation and maybe it would be possible to postpone the wedding. Many service providers postpone the dates without any additional costs.

It may also be the case that your desired service provider is not available on another date. Be flexible in times like these and do not rush your decisions. There are other wedding service providers and the most important thing is to protect wedding guests who are at risk.

How to protect your wedding guests

If you decide to host the wedding, you can take the following steps to provide the best protection for your wedding guests:

– Wedding location: Have the ceremony outside, provide good ventilation

– Educate wedding guests about the behavior at the wedding:

a. proper hand hygiene

b. Coughing and sneezing in the crook of the arm

c. Do not share dishes with other guests

d. Avoid hugging

– Keep the number of guests as low as possible

– Avoid skin contact during wedding games or do without wedding games

– provide sufficient hygiene articles

a. Hand Sanitizer

b. Masks

c. Soap

c. Pocket Tissues

– exclude guests belonging to risk groups from the wedding celebration for protection

Order the important hygiene products for the wedding online:

1. Hand Sanitizer

2. Masks

3. Soap

4. Pocket Tissues

Further information and measures regarding the corona virus can be found here:



Johns Hopkins Medicine

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