Overview – 19 Steps to your Dream Wedding

A perfect wedding doesn’t just happen. It requires hard work and a lot of planning. That is why you should start planning right after the decision to get married. It is never too early to start planning if you want a celebration that will delight your guests and be remembered for a long time.


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The following 19 points are a step-by-step guide that you can work through as you create details for the most important day in your life.

1. Location

The right location should be chosen in good time so that it meets your expectations. Good locations are often booked out long in advance.

Step 1 – The best location for your wedding

2. Wedding Photographer

Finding and researching suitable wedding photographers takes time. Photographer and wedding couple must be able to work together in harmony.

Step 2 – The right wedding photographer for beautiful memories

3. Wedding Dress

The wedding dress must be chosen within the budget and should match the style of the bride. Mother of the bride or maid of honor can be good advisors when shopping.

Step 3 – The wedding dress – princess dreams come true

4. Stationery

The wedding stationery must be planned early so that Save the Date cards can be sent out in time. A uniform look provides elegance.

Step 4 – The wedding stationery – A project that needs to be planned

5. Bridal Hairstyle

Although the bridal hairstyle can be planned for the long term, it should only be determined once the dress has been purchased, so that the hairstyle and dress harmonize.

Step 5 – Styling and hairstyle for the bride

6. Wedding Music

Live band or rather DJ? The right wedding music is the motor for the mood at your wedding.

Step 6 – The right wedding music for a perfect mood

7. Wedding Cake

The cutting of the wedding cake is a highlight. Would you like a traditional cake or would you prefer cupcakes?

Step 7 – The wedding cake – a highlight at the party

8. Wedding Ring

A wedding ring is worn for life. Get to know all your options and choose the rings that fit you and your partner perfectly.

Step 8 – The best tips for choosing wedding rings

9. Wedding Decoration

With the wedding decoration you can give your celebration an individual touch. Get to know the latest trends and tips for a successful decoration.

Step 9 – Creative wedding decorations for a unique celebration

10. Wedding Floristry

Flowers are used in many ways at the wedding, from the bridal bouquet to the hall decoration. Which flowers suit your style?

Step 10 – Wedding floristry – decoration and bridal bouquet perfectly chosen

11. Wedding Video

Would you like to capture the memories of the big day on film? Find out what you need to know about wedding photographers and wedding films.

Step 11 – A wedding video for the best memories

12. Children

How many children will be present at the festival? It is important to make sure that the little ones are kept busy and supervised at the festival.

Step 12 – Children at the wedding – so even the smallest guests will enjoy the party

13. Wedding Gift

Are you invited to a wedding as a guest? Here you will find the best ideas for gifts that will please the bride and groom.

Step 13 – The best ideas for the perfect wedding gift

14. Wedding Carriage

The transport of the bridal couple should be exceptional according to the occasion. Whether wedding carriage or bridal car, the choice should be made in time.

Step 14 – Stylish appearance in wedding carriage or wedding car

15.  Wedding Speaker

Those who wish a free ceremony can lend solemnity to the celebration with a wedding speech. There are a few things to consider when choosing a speaker.

Step 15 – The Wedding Speaker for the Free Ceremony

16. Wedding Catering

Every guest looks forward to good food at a wedding. Therefore, you should choose your catering carefully and consider a few points.

Step 16 – Wedding Catering – What you should know

17. Conversation

A wedding lasts many hours. Your job is to make sure that the guests do not get bored. Here you will find the best ideas.

Step 17 – Entertainment for the guests: An important topic at the wedding

18. Wedding Planner

Would you like to avoid the stress of planning and preparing for a wedding and still have a successful party? How about a Wedding Planner?

Step 18 – A stress free wedding with the Wedding Planner

19. Honeymoon

A honeymoon is a wonderful start in life for two. When planning the trip, there are several points you should keep in mind.

Step 19 – Honeymoon – perfectly planned for every taste

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