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  • March 15, 2020

10 Important Details for Wedding Planning

You are planning your wedding and are afraid you have forgotten something? Here we have compiled the 10 most important details for wedding planning that you should not forget!

1. Include free space for the wedding budget

When planning a wedding, there can always be additional costs that were not planned. For this reason, it would be best for you to allow for some extra room for the wedding budget. Simply allow yourself up to 10% of your wedding budget to avoid exceeding your budget.

Our tip: Here you can find a budget plan for your wedding!

2. Set up an email account

To be able to organize your wedding well, it is best to set up a separate e-mail address for your wedding. This way you can keep all important information regarding wedding planning, wedding location, guest list, wedding guests, etc. in the overview and not get lost or overlooked.

3. Plan enough time for the wedding dress

You haven’t found the perfect wedding dress yet? Then you should allow enough time to choose the right dress. Please consider the delivery time and possible changes! Best you inform yourself in advance about the respective delivery time! This way you can keep an overview of everything.

4. Choose contact person

Wedding planning is associated with a lot of stress. So that you don’t have to worry about things like the choice of wedding music, changing the guest list, wishes of the wedding guests, etc., simply appoint a contact person who will relieve you of these things. This function could be perfectly taken over by the maid of honor or sister.

5. Don’t forget the weather

The weather should not be forgotten when planning the wedding – no matter whether the wedding takes place indoors or outdoors! It is best to check the weather forecast a few days before the wedding – so that you will not be surprised. Don’t forget to put on umbrellas if it rains and make sure you have cold drinks and sun protection if it is very hot!

6. Keep contact details of service providers at a glance

In order not to look for contacts of service providers during the wedding stress, you should keep a good overview of everything. A good idea would be to create a notebook for wedding planning, so you have everything at hand and don’t have to search forever for the data.

Our tip: Here you will find instructions on how to make your own personal wedding planner binder!

7. Keep the address data of the wedding guests well

Do not forget to keep the address data of your wedding guests! If you have sent the wedding invitations, don’t forget to include the thank you notes! So you don’t have to search for the respective addresses forever.

Our tip: Here you will find great ideas for making your own wedding invitation!

8. Order taxi service

Wedding ceremonies can be long and so that the guests can enjoy the celebration and have a drink or two, you should not forget to take a taxi. So the mood is not clouded and all guests can enjoy the evening in peace. A great idea would be to put up a sign with the telephone number of the taxi company.

9. Take a trusted person with you for a fitting

To avoid being overwhelmed with the fitting of the wedding dress, it is best to have a trusted person with you. This person can help you get dressed and give you a few tips. The maid of honor would be ideal for this function.

10. Allow enough time for the wedding

With the daily routine on the wedding day it can easily come to delays! This is exactly why you should allow for some space between the respective procedures. In the event of delays, it is not necessary to move certain fixed programme items.

Our tip: Here you will find a great overview of how to plan your daily routine perfectly!

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